GM Feed May Affect Reproductive System Of Animals

There has been a continuing debate regarding the safety of GM plants and their eventual use as a food source. Many consumer groups have been concerned about how lack of extensive safety testing of these genetically modified plants may affect the general population at large. And just recently, Russian scientists have discovered that there may be serious health risks involved when animals are given genetically modified feed.

Russian scientists have proven the existence of certain health risks in animals that are being fed with GM feed. The scientists found out that there has been a delay in development and growth seen in animals that were being fed with GM feed. In addition, the scientists have seen a distortion of the sex ratio in breeds that has an increase in the proportion of females, resulting in a reduced number of pups per litter. Even a complete lack in the second and third generation of the test animals was observed.

According to Alexander Baranov, President of the National Association for Genetic Security (NAGS), the main negative impact of using GM feed in animals has been a disturbance in reproduction, which leads to having animals that are almost unable to reproduce third generation offspring.

Mr. Baranov stated, “The results of our study confirmed the findings of European scientists who pointed out the negative impact on the health of animals from the GM ingredients in feed of animals. We used soybean meal, which is widely used in Russia for fattening livestock. Soya of the line 40-3-2, contained in extracted meal, which is allowed in Russia. It is also for use in human food,” he further added.

The results of the study highlighted the possible impact of genetically modified foods when it is being used for human consumption. There may be certain health risks involved when people start consuming GM foods. Although the recent study only has animals as the test subjects, the results observed may also apply to humans.

While GM technology is considered as a promising field in terms of business and development, the severe lack of extensive testing and information drive about all things GM has made more and more people wary about the said technology and what it brings to the table. Unless people see transparency and the correct means of safety testing of GM products and plants, the negative notion about GM technology will remain.

Source: GM Watch
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