Facts About GM Food

While people today are aware about the presence of genetically modified food, it might sometimes surprise some that the scope that most people may think it covers may actually be bigger than what they are led to believe. True, GM food has pervaded the consumer food chain in more ways than one. And it is not in the way that most people may have previously thought. Here are some of the facts about GM food that people should be more aware about, especially in the United States.

GM Food Labeling

With consumer products and processed foods in the market, it can be hard to quite distinguish which food may contain some form of ingredient sourced from GM crops. The problem is that processed food containing GM food ingredients are not required to label them as such. This has become a long-standing issue among those who are opposed to GM food and not being able to know what products may contain them.

GM Food Sources

In the absence of labeling, it might help in giving proper insight on how GM food sources have become a common presence in the current food market. While most of the GM food used comes as ingredients rather than the main product in most processed food, it may help to provide a perspective on how much they are being sourced.

According to the Center for Food Safety, around 85 percent of the corn used in the US is already genetically engineered. Around 95 percent of sugar beets are considered as genetically engineered as well. For soybeans, around 91 percent of crops are considered as GM crops along with 88 percent of cotton as cottonseed oil is also being used in a variety of food products. Overall, it is estimated that around 70 percent of the processed food found in US supermarket shelves already contain GE crops in one way or another.

GM Food Safety

While a majority of the processed food products in the US may already be using GM food as an ingredient in one form or another, it is quite surprising that no extensive research or studies have yet been conducted concerning their safety to humans. Some biotech companies argue that it would be a difficult undertaking, looking for people to agree for GM food testing. But what is happening now is that the consumer market somehow becomes the testing ground for GM food since it has already pervaded in the consumer food market even before food safety testing is being conducted on it.

These are some of the issues that more people should be aware about with regards to GM food and crops. Most people are not aware of the issue that such crops have already entered into their daily lives without them knowing more about it. It may be a very risky situation indeed having these GM food crops getting into the human food supply without extensive safety testing being done on them.
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