Scientists Against Human Trials On GM Wheat

Recent news have come out about Australia’s plan to test GM wheat on humans. The CSIRO, or Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia’s national science agency, is planning to test GM wheat grown in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) by feeding it on rats and pigs. But along the way it also plans to feed it on human trials. A group of scientists from around the world has urged Australia not to proceed with its human trial for GM wheat.

The GM wheat in question has been genetically modified by altering its glycemic index to lower levels. The aim is to see if the GM grain will show improved health benefits such as better blood glucose control and lower cholesterol levels. But 8 scientists and academics from the US, Great Britain, India and Argentina are saying that Australia may not have done enough studies on animal trials yet in order to justify testing the new GM wheat on humans.

The group of scientists say that the biological and biochemical make-up of the GM wheat that is being used in the trials may have descriptions that they believed to be too inadequate. And on previous research, the scientists say that GM foods tend to have multiple effects on animal trials, which also include damaging the health of the animals they are fed to. They further add that the feeding trials on animals lasting 28 days made by CSIRO may be inadequate to assess such risks.

The CSIRO has dismissed the said concerns of the group of scientists, stating that it has no definite plans yet on using GM wheat on human trials.

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